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 Price: $19

All profits from this sale of Hamden Firefighting will benefit
the Hamden Historical Society

The 128-page pictorial history of the Hamden Fire Department was written by
Town Historian Dave Johnson, a retired Hamden Fire Department captain.
With over 200 photographs of historic fires as well as images of numerous volunteer and career professionals from all eras, Hamden Firefighting chronicles the department from 1896 to the present day.

Hamden Firefighting will be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon
and other retail outlets starting November 20th, 2017, for $21.00.
The Hamden Historical Society has copies of the new book
by Municipal Historian David G. Johnson.

Items from the Jonathan Dickerman house will be on temporary display.

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Saturday, June 10 
Jonathan Dickerman House
Mt.Carmel Avenue, Hamden, CT
1:00-4:00 p.m.

Schedule of Special Activities
1:00-4:00 House Tours
1:00-4:00 Old Fashioned Games
1:30 and 2:30 p.m. Punch and Judy puppet show
Enjoy the antics of Punch and Judy; performed by Richard Smith
2:00 and 3:00 Puppet craft
Make your own Punch or Judy


Upcoming events

Please join us on Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 3-4:30 for the dedication of The Al Gorman Hamden History Room.  Al served for 20 years as the President of the Historical Society.  The History Room has recently been renovated and it is fitting that it will now be named in his honor.  The History Room is located on the Third Floor of the Miller Memorial Library.

On Tuesday April 11, 2017 Tim Chaucer, a retired history teacher from Hamden High School will portray Joseph Plumb Martin, considered a hero at Yorktown during the American Revolution. Martin grew up in Connecticut and is sometimes referred to as the most famous private in the American Continental Army. He witnessed General Washington on several occasions. Martin’s description of constant hunger at Valley Forge earned him a modern trail named for him at Valley Forge, PA. He wrote his memoirs later in life to remind Americans of the suffering that privates such as himself went through in order to win the war to guarantee our independence.  The event will take place at Mount Carmel Congregational Church in Hamden from 7:00-8:30 p.m.”

As part of a special series exploring Connecticut’s towns, Eric Lehman, published author and member of Hamden Historical Society, will lead a walking tour on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The tour for adults and children 8 years old or above, begins at Eli Whitney Museum. A limited number of participants is necessary, so advance registration is required with a $20 fee towards the Connecticut Museum of Natural History. Sign-up on their webpage,

March 25, 2017

From HHS President Ken Minkema dedication at the naming of the
Al Gorman Hamden History Room

Al Gorman served the town of Hamden for many years and in many capacities as a civic leader, as a politician, and as a preservationist.  He was the driving force behind the creation of the Hamden Historic Properties Commission, and was involved with the Hamden Historical Society as a member and as its president for decades.  He, with his wife Betsy, were also great recruiters for the cause of history.  I am evidence of that, as I a€™m sure are many people here today.

One of the main activites of the Historical Society is this History Room, where we make our manuscript, printed, visual, and other resources available for researchers, students, and town members.  It is entirely right and proper, therefore, as a tribute to the memory of Al Gorman, to the service that he rendered to our community and to its cultural and historical legacy, to the love that he had for this town and the love we have for him, that we give his name to this space.

February 25, 2017


The situation regarding the demolition of historic homes on Whitney Avenue by Quinnipiac University has not come to a conclusion yet.  Two respected historical organizations have taken an interest in our plight and are working with us to reach a positive resolution with QU.  They are the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation and the State Historic Preservation Office.  Your signature on our petition can be an effective tool in showing these groups that the local community stands behind us in our endeavor to Save Mount Carmel.


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April 6, 2017

Today marks the centennial of our involvement in World War I.  In Hamden, we are proud to honor one of our own doughboys, A. Frederick Oberlin. The link below will take you to an excellent article just published by Dr. Laura A. Macaluso, a researcher and writer currently living in Virginia.

Oberlin Memorial Windows

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